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Education & Journals

Unified Life Sciences works collaboratively with other design professionals to expand foundational knowledge of all Design aspects embracing the breadth and depth of its information. The essays presented integrate many of the synthesized elements encompassed in Design. They are based on the scientific research and clinical application as well as being creative applications of the material.


Professional Education and Concerns

Unified Life Sciences educates individuals interested in utilizing Design in their own life process as well as in the care and health of themselves, their family, and/or their clients/patients. As part of this endeavor Unified Life Sciences offers periodic seminars free of charge to all participants. This program provides a space for exploration of all areas being studied and researched, for interactive case studies, for transit work, and for a general deepening reflection on how design can be utilized and enhanced. Ongoing feedback, from professionals who participate and from general participants who use design to enhance their life, makes this forum a rich dynamic environment. All levels of participation are encouraged.

Because of the youth of the Design field, we are working to produce foundational scientific materials as quickly as possible without compromise to the integrity of the teaching itself. As part of this program, we have published numerous books and research studies. Some materials are available to anyone interested as free downloadable PDF files from the web site; other educational materials include downloadable books, print books (if available), tapes, and CDs, all of which are available for purchase.

Current work is generally priced to cover cost of production; we offer the materials in electronic form where possible to be most cost effective to everyone.

Professional education through Unified Life Sciences follows an independent study program in order to provide each individual with a program made for the own Design and for their own professional concerns. Based on their needs and geographic location a mentoring program is set-up with professional design analysts and teachers with whom they are able to work. While still in its infancy we currently have several individuals who have begun work through this program. The goal is to enable Professionals and others in their own field and/or life to integrate design information in a way that enhances the health and well-being of all concerned. Fees for this training are individually arranged. For more information and to participate in this program contact: training@unifiedlifesciences.com.

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General Education and Concerns

Unified Life Sciences, focuses on the education of all individuals of the practical value/application of this information. Up until this time, the information has been available to those who had private readings or consultations and to those who wanted to study Design in more depth. With the founding of Unified Life Sciences, a whole new chapter in the dissemination of this information and knowledge began. Enough scientific documentation on the basis of this information and knowledge exists now to make it important for the information to reach many people as quickly as possible for the benefit of everyone.

Information for the general person ranges from very simple, straightforward, and understandable even to children to complex, scientifically or esoterically oriented and integrated and geared to the sophisticated reader. All information is based on the Basic Solar Body Graph Design Chart along with the appropriate Multidimensional Layers. Each individual can take in, try out, and live with the information. We already live in a body with its energy mechanics, changing 24-hour consciousness, and body chemistry. The Multidimensional Human Design System is a tool that actually maps out and describes how that the body is designed mechanically and how it is meant to run. The Multidimensional Layers of the Design Matrices is the map. Once in possession of the map and a little time to learn what the terminology is, everyone can begin to know, understand, and experience how it works. Learn to know and to be who you really are. The journey into knowledge of oneself is ancient. However, that journey now happens using some simple graphic tools that can change life, health, and the health of families forever. It happens without therapy, drugs, or pain. It happens for people by knowing how they are designed and by living who they really are. Enjoy the journey and Love Yourself.

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The Educational Journal

The educational journal presents articles for the interest of design-oriented individuals at all levels of knowledge free of charge and available as downloadable PDF files. The purpose of the journal is to elicit reflection and consideration of the information and to open up a forum for discussion of the avenues being explored. The essays and other articles presented in the journal represent a broad spectrum of exploration in many different areas of interest. The articles represent both scientifically sound as well as creative explorations rather than hard data research. Thus, as each writer evolves in their own process, their viewpoint may change as well. However, much of the information is based on the already scientifically validated information we have.

The Basics

The Multidimensional Human Design System: An Introduction

The Multidimensional Human Design System explains an individual’s functioning personality make-up. It encompasses and synthesizes many disciplines, with scientific as well as clinical verification of its theoretical framework. We can begin to understand how we operate as we move through different dimensions of time and space through the graphics of the Multidimensional Body Graphs; we can grasp our complex nature through graphics that speak to our deepest nature. The Multidimensional Human Design System is a system understood through its symbols and graphics as much as through its words. This introductory roadmap of the field serves to give the reader a sense of the depth and breadth of the field in a comprehensible way.

The Introduction to The Human Design 64-Gate Basic Body Graph & Mandala
By Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

This Introductory document provides the beginner with a description of the Basics of the Design Body Graph structure in context of its use with a Basic Human Design Body Graph. The information presented allows the beginner to look at a Body Graph and understand some basic principles and concepts with which to begin working practically in day-to-day life.

An Introduction to Design and its Benefits
By Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

A basic introduction to Design terminology with a way of looking at it that may prove helpful. It is written for all those interested in exploring their own charts and in understanding the meaning and nature of what we are looking at in the Body Graphs.

Type: The Manifesting Generator as Differentiated From the Generator
By Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

In clinical work as well as in statistical research it is clear that the strategy used by a Manifesting Generator is different from the strategy of a Generator. This essay addresses this issue and describes the steps of the strategy for a Manifesting Generator. A must read for all design students. Do your own research after you read the essay and check out the data with Manifesting Generators you know. Verify the experience yourself.

The Self Center Hexagram Trigrams: Their Astrological Correspondences: A New approach in Clinical Applications
By Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

An important look at the Self (Identity/G) Center. This essay looks at the Self Center Hexagrams breaking them down by astrological, meridian, and trigram and color-coding them for easy access in the body graph. A hexagram illustration of the body graph that is color coded by trigram is included for your use.

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Transcripts of Seminars

Friday evening seminars are recorded and transcribed. These seminars are informal presentation/discussions which explore Eleanor's work as well as the applications of Design related information in a Medical/Clinical setting. Generally, case material is included in the discussion and is included in the transcripts.

Introduction to a Multidimensional Map of Functioning Consciousness: A Scientific Expansion of the Human Design System (Presented May 23, 2003. Pacific Palisades, CA. 7:30-9:00 PM PDT)
By Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

This paper is an edited transcript of an introductory lecture that lays out the development of the Multi-Dimensional Map of Functioning Consciousness. This work evolved over the past several years from both statistical analysis of the Basic Human Design Body Graph as well as the Mammalian and Biological Body Graphs and from analysis of clinical data. It is presented as a work in progress that continues to grow as the data analysis demands. Free download in PDF.

The Dynamic Interaction of Human and Animal Consciousness: An Introduction (Presented June 28, 2003. Pacific Palisades, CA. 7:00-9:00 PM PDT)
By Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

An informal lecture that Eleanor did on her work with and understanding of the way humans and animals relate. From the work she has been doing with the Multidimensional Layers of Consciousness, Eleanor recognized the deep nonverbal layers of both the Mammalian and Angelic Designs that connect humans to animals in ways that enhance the consciousness of both species. Free download in PDF.

The Mapping of Human Consciousness using the Unified Life Sciences System (Presented April 19, 2002. Pacific Palisades, CA. 7:30-9:00 PM PDT)
By Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

Part of an ongoing seminar series presented informally by Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD to a group of her students. This covers the logic and calculation components and use of the Multidimensional Design Matrices that provide a map of consciousness throughout the 24-hour day. In her work, Eleanor is integrating the synthesis of the Design system in its multidimensional capacity in practical clinical and scientific applications. Numerous case examples and illustrations are included. Free download in PDF.

Aries Characteristics, Hexagrams, Decanates, and Tarot Keys
By Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

This Transcript presents a view of the Aries sign breaking it down by decanate (10 degree divisions of each 30 degree zodiac sign) and by associated Tarot Key. In addition, correspondences to changes in consciousness in the Dream/Sleep Design are considered. Case material is included.

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Integrative Approaches

Jupiter, The Wheel of Fortune (Tarot Key 10), the Tree of Life, the I-Ching Hexagrams, and The Multidesign Matrix (MDM)
By Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

With her broad background in many disciplines, Eleanor's interest is both in the scientific documentation of Design as well as in the esoteric basis and applications. This paper plays with the synthesis. It is not a paper written for anyone who lacks an esoteric background as it crosses all disciplines without explanation and it assumes preliminary knowledge of all fields.

Venus, The Empress (Tarot Key 3), the Tree of Life, the I-Ching Hexagrams, and the Multidesign Matrix
By Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

Similar in nature to the essay on Jupiter and Tarot Key 10, this essay considers Venus, Tarot Key 3, the Empress, and its relationship to Gate 20 in the Throat Center and throughout the body graph. Because of the Hexagram structure of Gate 20 and its importance in the Dream/Sleep Design Matrix understanding the alchemical and Tree of Life associations enriches ones understanding in the body graph and in other centers of the body graph.

Correspondences of the Great Invocation & The Sleep Design Matrix
By Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

The Great Invocation distributed through the Lucis Trust and the work of Alice Bailey has been considered in many esoteric circles to be an invocation with great power of aligning energies. The apparent correspondences to the divisions of the Sleep Design Matrix and to the unified field we call Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep or Dreams is striking. Eleanor explores some of the beginnings of these correspondences.

Tarot in Human Design Intro (Presented August 17, 2003. Pacific Palisades, CA. 10:30 AM-12:00 PM PDT)
By Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

Since the Tarot Keys and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life have close, intimate correspondences, one of my goals when I began working with the Human Design system was to find the fit between the Tarot Keys and the Body Graph. After working with both knowledge bases for a number of years the layouts emerged with simplicity and elegance that amplifies Hexagram meanings for the Gates and mirrors the Spiraling DNA double helix when Solar and Dreaming Designs are combined. In this transcript of an informal lecture, I show the layout and present the information in introductory form. Free download in PDF.

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Transits: Design in Motion

Pluto in Gate 5: A Thought for Consideration

When Pluto moved into Gate 5 on October 28, 2000, a Pluto transit became active in the Sleep Design Matrix for the first time since 1991. It remained active in the Sleep Design Matrix in Gate 5 until the end of 2002. In looking over the Pluto transits for the years 1900-2000 the pattern of the Sleep Design Matrix activation and world events as well as personal events proved extremely interesting and very profoundly expanding. Please note that this paper was written before data about the functioning of the Multidimensional Layers became clear. It remains here as reference source material showing the origins of the Multidimensional work. Read over the article for downloading. Feel free to comment and to contact us with observations and/or questions about this material.

Bush/Gore: An Analysis using the Triple Design Matrix

The Triple Design Matrix (TDM) allows an expanded view of a person in terms of their relationship to the personal as well as to the collective consciousness and unconsciousness. The TDM refers to the Basic Solar Design Chart, the Solar Sleep Design Chart, and the Lunar Sleep Design Chart. During normal wakefulness we primarily function in our Waking Solar Design chart, as we know it. However, during sleep, when we are horizontally positioned, and as we move through sleep stages from light to deeper sleep, we also move through the Solar Sleep Design and Lunar Sleep Design. In this process we are programmed by the archetypal collective energies of the consciousness of the planet. During Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep the Multilayer Design Matrix becomes operational, synthesizing our consciousness and preparing us for the integrated awareness that drives us both consciously and unconsciously during our waking life. It is during REM that an actual synthesis happens in the brain of the different stages of consciousness. It is this integration that accounts for the relevance of dreams to our lives and also for the synchronicity that we have all had the experience of encountering.

Analyzing the Presidential candidates of the November 2000 United States election using the TDM was eye-opening and quite profoundly revealing; the view it provided of the candidates took the issues beyond the personal layer and showed them to be connected on a deeper level to a collective purpose orchestrated beyond our awareness. By viewing them this way, an understanding opened up which allowed a respect and a depth of vision not otherwise accessible. Note that this is an early paper written prior to work with the Multidimensional Layers. It is included here to show the roots of the work as well as to give a preliminary view of the importance of the multi-layered work.

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Early Work

Meditation and the Triple Design Matrix
By Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

Brain research documents changes in brain wave patterns and physiology during meditation. The Multidimensional Design Matrix with which ULS works has construct validity based on brain research and statistical data. This paper begins to explore the shifts in the Matrix with meditation (alpha brain wave state of consciousness). With the mapping of the Multidimensional Design Matrix, we have a way of understanding the changes during meditation in the individual mechanics of the Solar Sleep Design. This paper discusses how meditation can be understood in terms of the Multidimensional Design or Triple Design Matrix.

Why Use The Triple Design Matrix?
By Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

An introductory paper showing the importance of looking at the Sleep Designs along with the Waking Solar Design in assessing strategy of Type for an individual. This paper was originally published as an essay for Jovian Archive HDVC update. Subsequent work by Unified Life Sciences has expanded this work beyond this level of documentation further documenting its importance in a person's strategy of Type.

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Other Authors

Illumination in Human Design: Astrology, Tarot, Myths, and Metaphors
By Barbra Irvine, CEd, BACP

This paper presents a basic introduction to the synthesis of design in its practical clinical application by a professional in the healing field. Barbra presents her material with a gift of making visibly understandable a complex integration in simple language and images. Her web site is: www.illumination.org.uk.

Chinese Medicine and Human Design
By Brad Tatarzycki, Dipl. Ac. & C.H. (NCCAOM), M.S.T.O.M
Forward by Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD

This paper discusses the way the concepts of Chinese medicine are being explored and linked to design in some very basic and preliminary ways.

The Flow of Qi
By Edward Block, IV, Ph.D.

The Flow of Qi focuses on the flow of energy in the body and how it integrates with the Chakras, the physiology of the body, Chinese Medicine. The article has deep implications in the Field of Design.

For other articles by Edward Block IV go to: http://www.diamondhead.net/ses.htm

The Nature of Response
By Karen Curry, B.S.N.

The Nature of Response discusses the way Generator’s and Manifesting Generators can identify and clarify their ways of responding. Since Generators and Manifesting Generators make up 70% of the population in their Basic Solar Design alone, this article may be worthwhile reading for everyone.

The Sacral Session Audio Article
By Karen Curry, B.S.N.

An article to help clarify the way Generators and Manifesting Generators may be questioned to help them clarify their internal responses. This article serves beginning Design students well.

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Free Downloads

These free PDFs available for download are the same files found with content descriptions elsewhere on this page. We have compiled this list here for your convenience.

The Basics Transcripts of Seminars Integrative Approaches Transits Early Work Other Authors

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