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The Biology Design Mandala
The 25 Gate Matrices: The World of the Biological Form

At the time of conception a sequence begins that lays down the foundation of our biological/physiological functioning in human form. By birth, the Biology Mandala has 25 Gates and mediates most of the biological functions of the body with interactions and feedback from the other Multidimensional Layers of the functioning person. The timing and release of Hormones which activate genetic programming is a function of the Multidimensional Layers of the interactive Matrices. By understanding the biological circuitry and its functions, it is possible to diagnose disease and to design treatments that can facilitate health and well-being.

Two views of the Biology Design Mandala are presented. One (seen below) shows the Hexagrams and Body Graph color coded for astrological sign (as related to the lower trigrams of the G Center) and the Second Biology Design Body Graph Mandala shows the Gates of the Biology Design with Keynotes related to biological function and physiology.

  Biology Design Mandala Illustration  

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