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The Body Graph

An individual Body Graph, based on astrological birth information, shows the Nine Centers of the human with the 64 Gates of possible energetic activation corresponding to the hexagrams of the I-Ching. Both the conscious and unconscious, both prenatal and postnatal body graphs for the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical designs or structure for that person is known. By Experiencing, Knowing, or Understanding your own structure of energy definition and flow as your consciousness shifts in the course of a day, you have the template of your own being. This information tells you how you meet life and relate to it.

Two views of the Body Graph are shown: a basic template of the body graph pointing out the Energy Centers and their biological correlates and a template showing the layout of the body graph with the Hexagrams of their respective Gates color coded for astrological sign (by lower trigram of the G Center).

  Body Graph Illustration  

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  Hexagram Body Graph Illustration  

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