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The Scientifically Proven Human Design System
Type Scientifically Proven New CD Set Available



Receive your Free Multidimensional Human Design System Charts, an introduction, and a short free coaching/consultation session with Dr. Eleanor Haspel-Portner, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Psy 5297) and Master Coach. Eleanor scientifically and clinically validated the Noble Sciences™ Multidimensional Sacred Synthesis Program on over 40,000 cases.

Send your Name, email address, birth month, day, year, time, and place by email to: office@unifiedlifesciences.com or call Eleanor at: (310) 230-7787 with your information.

(To receive your charts you need an email address that can receive a 1 MB file).

About Unified Life Sciences

Unified Life Sciences dedicates itself to the research and applications of all human and animal development for the enhancement of life and consciousness. The Multidimensional Design System (Human, Mammalian, and Avian) is a testable logic system proven accurate and successful in explaining simple and complex layers of human functioning.

Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D. first tested the Basic Body Map or Graph on 30,000 cases statistically in 1999. Some internal theoretical components led to the development of the Multidimensional Human Design Layers. These layers stand the test of rigorous statistical testing on the initial 30, 000 cases and on about 10,000 more cases with both valid and reliable statistical results. Only Noble Sciences Sacred Synthesis™ Multidimensional Human Design Layers allow an individual to visualize energetic shifts in consciousness that demonstrate ongoing development and with its cosmic impact.

You live in a world with a 24-hour daily cycle (the Circadian rhythm) that affects your body chemistry and its needs; the multidimensional view shows how consciousness changes and affects your mental, spiritual, emotional, and biological nature. It explains a great deal that was unknown before.

In clinical medical and psychological work done at Unified Life Sciences and Noble Sciences, multidimensional layers of development demonstrate great potential in guiding individuals toward health as well as in finding life balance that enhances meaningful conscious life.

Multidimensional layers, a dynamic tool that impacts individuals in deeply profound ways, maps the mechanics of energy activated at different layers of consciousness.

What Is Multidimensional Human Design

Unified Life Sciences was founded in 1999 to begin documenting the scientific statistical basis of the Human Design Body Graph. It began work researching the usefulness of the Human design paradigms clinically and scientifically. The work of Unified Life Sciences serves as the foundation of all scientific work in the Human Design System and in the Multidimensional Human Design System also known as Noble Sciences Sacred Synthesis™. In April 2000, the first studies based on 30,000 cases proved that Five Types (rather than Four) are a valid, reliable construct in describing how individuals function.

In subsequent work, Eleanor validated specific additional constructs used in the Human Design paradigm. However, the data indicated that for the Human Design paradigm to hold its scientific validity additional maps needed inclusion in the theoretical model. Directed by this awareness the current Multidimensional Human Design Layers became compellingly relevant for clinical and scientific work.

Because of the simplicity of its visual map, multidimensional design has the potential to provide you access to your energetic blueprint and gain keys to self-fulfillment. With confirmation of the scientific basis of the Multidimensional Human Design Layers, be assured that multidimensional human design provides a valid map of how your consciousness functions. It provides your energetic blueprint of various states of consciousness throughout the 24-hour day.

Your Multidimensional Human Design Charts tell the story of how you function. This story can only be read by those trained to read the depth of its code. Currently, Multidimensional Human Design is a proprietary tool used exclusively by Eleanor. Reading multidimensional charts is like looking at a crystal. Turning and looking at the crystal of the Self from every direction filters and changes with your consciousness throughout the day.

As the crystal of time moves with the planets, it turns within you. As the light hits and highlights every facet of you, the process of living is your internal experience of your Self-crystal. You are unique. The Noble Sciences Sacred Synthesis™, i.e., the Multidimensional Human Design System, allows you access to the energy flow that structures your uniqueness and you experience the truth of who you are.

Conditioning experiences impacting you, at times, turns you in directions not congruent with your inner core. When you live in ways incongruent with your true nature you may experience consequences on your health physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually. MHDS itself is both mechanical and interpretative. You can use it if you have interest in exploring it even without great study. You can even learn to decode charts of others and understand anyone to whom you relate. Decoding charts requires intensive study since accurate interpretation requires knowledge of the disciplines forming the core of Noble Sciences Sacred Synthesis.

The Multidimensional Human Design Layers explain the mechanics as well as the working dynamics of interactive interpersonal and collective archetypal fields through changing consciousness. Multilayered Human Design is a synthesis of information: science, the kabalistic tree of life, astrology, the I-Ching, the Hindu chakra system, basic human design, developmental, structural, and transpersonal psychology, and biology. In bringing together these information systems, Multidimensional Human Design Layers form a system greater than any of its parts.

If you have seen and explored your Multidimensional Body Energy Charts/Maps, you may have had an immediate internal reaction because the Maps tell a truth about you that resonate to and with your very core.

When you view the animated version of the MHDS Body Energy Maps, you may well initially experience something beyond words and then have the experience of validating the basis of your understanding and knowledge as time passes. Over time you’ll understand what you are looking at. The journey into Noble Sciences multidimensional human design is very much like life itself. Click here to join us for the exploration.

Introduction to Multidimensional Human Design

The basic wheel shows the hexagrams of the I-Ching on the outside of the Zodiac circle. The hexagrams correspond to certain degrees of the zodiac. Based on astrological birth information, various calculations provide information that is then entered into numerous body energy charts/maps (graphs); energy centers are colored in accordingly. Natal (conscious), Prenatal (activating), and Postnatal (manifesting) activations are determined by planetary positions as noted in the Basic Body Energy Maps/Graphs.

Because you function on many layers of awareness at all times, Multidimensional Human Design Layers look at layers of consciousness beneath your conscious level. It looks at different energetic bodies or layers, i.e., the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. Consciousness becomes viable at roughly the third trimester of pregnancy. This developmental time marks a developmental critical period shown in the Prenatal (activating) Solar calculation used in the MHDS.

Once you are born, your conscious volitional capacity remains undeveloped until the three-month mark. At this critical time, you became capable of intentional activity. This six-month critical developmental time period used by the MHDS is the critical conditioning field during which planetary and interactive energies surrounding your infancy had their most impact. Recent research confirms that the first three months of life, used in the MHDS, is considered “the missing fourth trimester” of pregnancy because during this time you developed critical connections essential to survival.

During the six month period considered in MHDS the whole zodiac wheel was programmed into your cells creating in them a microcosm of the macrocosm through which you live. The Post Natal Conditioning Field (manifesting time) shows early development; it shows where you were vulnerable during the first three months of your life.
All MHDS calculations are based on an arc of 88 degrees (or minutes) of the Sun and/or the Moon. They show validity and reliability when tested statistically as well as clinically. The Basic Wheel with the body energy map/graph and its primary energy centers can be seen in the Human Design Mandala Illustration.

An individual Solar Human Design Body Energy Map/Graph, based on astrological birth information, shows the Nine Centers of the human with the 64 gates of possible energetic activation corresponding to the hexagrams of the I-Ching. In this basic human design chart, both the Natal conscious (the influential passenger or recognition energy) and the Prenatal unconscious (the energized vehicle or activating energy) aspects of a person are shown. Additional layers in a person within a 64 Gate Mandala show the different auric bodies and how they energetically activate each layer of consciousness.

In the Noble Sciences Multidimensional Human Design System, there are numerous maps that must be read in combination to fully understand the total person. You function Interactively with other people and you are also a Spiritual being. Your Spiritual layer serves as the Unifying Integrative Field of Consciousness. It functions during Dreaming (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep). Various calculations are based on time shifts before and after your birth and show energy related to sleep, to higher consciousness, and to your biology.

By Experiencing, Knowing, or Understanding your own structure of energy and its definition and flow, you have the structural blueprint of your Self. This information tells you how you meet life and relate to it.

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In 1999, Ra Uru Hu, a messenger of the Human Design System, asked me, (Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D.) and my husband, (Marvin M. Portner, M.D.), to develop, expand, and validate information contained in the Human Design System. We began an intense period of research and exploration that continues to date. In the spring of 2002, Unified Life Sciences (aka Rave Life Sciences) moved away from the work of Ra Uru Hu because components of the Human Design System had no scientific validity. However, Marvin and I recognized the depth of the material and its capacity to map the mechanics of functional consciousness with shifts in brain activity.

A significant dissonance in clinical vs. statistical data raised significant questions for us as scientists about the scientific basis of Human Design and what additional hypotheses might move it in a more reliable and verifiable direction. The Solar Human Design Body Graph, the body graph generally referred to in the Human Design System, appeared to have some clinical validity. However, statistical analyses of this body graph, lacked reliability as a predictor of health aspects and did not explain significant functional shifts with consciousness.

The system required new hypotheses about the paradigms used and we continue to explore these dynamics underlying Multidimensional Human Design assumptions. Our work with the Multidimensional Map of Consciousness shows excellent validity and reliability to date. Thus, it has the promise of providing a strong scientific foundation for this emerging field. 

The Multidimensional Map of Consciousness shows the actual mechanics how you function; it also shows areas of vulnerability and critical periods when conditioning has deep impact on you. Known psychological and physical critical periods show in the multidimensional maps, especially in the first three months of life (“the missing fourth trimester.”) This time shows how energy is likely to flow beneath the surface of your awareness. With the multidimensional map, the mechanics of development and environmental influences can be understood and modified. It is with an open mind and a collaborative spirit that we approach this very significant work.

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Statement of Purpose

Unified Life Sciences disseminates information for the education and enhancement of consciousness holding the vision that the ultimate goal of every individual is to live their Life Purpose with Love of Self and of others. It is the purpose of ULS to empower you as an individual facilitating you to reach your maximum potential so you live your highest level of conscious awareness, i.e., your highest goal, assuring your health and well-being.

What The Map Can Do for You

The Noble Sciences Multidimensional Human Design Maps/Charts are a treasure map. As in all treasure maps, what it communicates is coded and is accessible and available only after study. It communicates only if you how to fully understand its structure. In learning to read your own map and to follow its path, you embark on a journey into the core of your Self on a very deep level. It takes time before changes from living truly through all dimensions of consciousness take root, grow, and manifest in you.

When you have confidence that the map of your unique energetic structure is not interpretive, you feel a level of self-assurance that buoys you up and gives you courage to truly express your feelings and perceptions. Exposure to the Body Maps begins your adventure of life anew and sets you forth on a journey you can make joyously. Over time, I developed ways that allow you access your multidimensional energetic blueprints and move beyond any formula embarking on an adventure that opens up your unique inner landscape. It’s a truly exciting journey. Enjoy the ride.

In addition to being groundbreaking, Noble Sciences Multidimensional Human Design information is practical. In terms of health, for example, the way your energetic blueprint shifts with consciousness can give you information about your body receives and processes information. It shows the timing of shifts in your immune system including how, when, and why different modalities effectively work for you. 

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Multidimensional Human Design Layers

Research on the Basic Human Design Body Graph supports the scientific foundational integrity of its structure. However, and more importantly, it points to the importance of multidimensional exploration of the system rather a linear perspective. Although initial information on the Sleep/Mammalian Layers, also called a Matrix, was scant and inadequate, its data led to expansion of the system based on knowledge of psychological, physiological, and spiritual functioning. The work of ULS validated additional calculations in the mammalian matrix and applied the knowledge to human consciousness. This work proves to be astoundingly accurate.

The Noble Sciences Multidimensional Human Design Layers include four calculations for each of four different auric layers in a human being. The layers are: the 64 Gate Basic Human Design Mandala, the 15 Gate Sleep/Mammalian Matrix, the 33 Gate Mystical/Inspirational Matrix, and the 25 Gate Biological Matrix. The four calculations in each layer show: the Mental Body, the Spiritual Body (the Unifying Integrative Field of Consciousness, active during REM sleep), the Emotional Body, and the Physical/Hormonal Body.

The Multidimensional Layers are:

Through work with these layers, we developed a map of the functional layers of consciousness becomes apparent. The working map of consciousness layers shows the functioning layers of the human and mammal. Back To Top

Who We Are

Marvin M. Portner, M.D. was born in Detroit, Michigan on March 15, 1938 at 2:54 pm EST. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Allergy and Immunology, both Pediatric and Adult. He graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School with high honors. Marvin worked in traditional medicine for many years before becoming involved in holistic complimentary medicine. He has been involved in synthesizing/integrating Western and Eastern medicine as well as working with mind/body medicine for since 1975. His medical practice remains personalized and interactive, making him a rare practitioner in today’s marketplace.

Photo of Eleanor & MarvinEleanor Haspel-Portner,Ph.D. was born in Brooklyn, New York on December 11, 1944 at 11:10 am EWT. She received her degree from The University of Chicago, Committee on Human Development, one of the first interdisciplinary and innovative psychologically oriented departments in the United States. She applies her background and training in the Social Sciences to integrate psychology, biology, anthropology, sociology, and esoteric studies. Eleanor began her professional private work as a clinical psychologist (License #: Psy 5297) and master coach, and clinical hypnotist. Since 1974, she has helped individuals, couples, and groups synthesize their life experiences in practical ways for living healthy, successful, and creative lives. Eleanor’s work integrates her strong scientific foundation with her esoteric gifts in a powerful combination. She retains her memberships in many professional organizations, including: the American Psychological Association, The international Coach Federation, The Southern California Society for Clinical Hypnosis, The Los Angeles Society of Clinical Psychologists, The Professional Coach Mentor Association,The Relationship Coaching Institute, and The Reiki Alliance.She is a Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association and a Certified Relationship Specialist.She has been involved with the Builders of the Adytum since 1995.

Charles Haspel was born in Brooklyn, New York on July 20, 1968 at 11:43 am EDT. Charles was educated at Brown University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. He successfully trades the stock market, owns Haspel Software, his own software company that specializes in computer utility programs, and works as a consultant in computer related areas. He manages ULS, Noble Sciences™, Conscious Life Choices, and Portner Medical Corporation. His app on the iPhone, BetterLists is a powerful productivity app.

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What We Do

With the Human Design Information and other ancillary knowledge in our trust, we assumed responsibility for disseminating and validating this knowledge with integrity and professionalism. Noble Sciences Multidimensional Human Design knowledge is indeed a sacred synthesis of science and spirit. As such, this sacred synthesis required verification.

With the founding of Unified Life Sciences in 1999, Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D. and Marvin M. Portner, M.D. assumed the responsibility of scientifically verifying Human Design and its related knowledge base. Because clinical data is the very foundation that supports the proof of the system, Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D. began statistical analysis of the Body Energy Maps/Graphs and of the internal structure of the system. Rave Life Sciences became Unified Life Sciences in 2003 as Eleanor and Marvin rededicated it and upheld its purpose with the added intent of verifying and utilizing only those aspects of human design that hold to up to scientific standards and scrutiny.

To date several articles documenting the validity and reliable nature of design information have been published by Unified Life Sciences based on over 30,000 cases studied with statistically rigorous methods. Unified Life Sciences oversees the scientific research and clinical integrity of the information. Unified Life Sciences dedicates itself to the dissemination of information and knowledge in its true form and essence with scientific documentation as the foundation on which it is based.

Numerous scientific research documents in the medical and psychological field support the valid and reliable nature of information published by Unified Life Sciences and Noble Sciences™ (www.noblesciences.com). As in any well-documented social science research, statistically rigorous methods lay at the basis of the work of ULS. Over 30,000 cases form the core of what grew into Multidimensional Human Design and its offshoot, Noble Sciences Sacred Synthesis™. Unified Life Sciences under Eleanor’s direction continues to oversee the scientific research and clinical integrity of the information.

Unified Life Sciences dedicates itself to disseminating information and knowledge in its true form and essence with scientific documentation as the foundation on which it is based. The focus and purpose of Unified Life Sciences is the integration of Multidimensional Human Design along with pertinent information leading to an ever deeper and broader recognition of its personal and professional value.

How living one’s congruently on multidimensional layers affects physical and psychological health are impacted through experiences, understanding, and knowledge. It is the task of Unified Life Sciences makes this information available to professionals for use with their patient/client base.

Health aspects of the information, under the guidance of Marvin M. Portner, M.D., is integrated into Multidimensional Human Design and validated in Marvin’s holistic medical practice where he helps patients determine areas of vulnerability and appropriate treatments. Marvin M. Portner, M.D. is available for clinical consultations integrating this information with his solid base in medicine. How living in an integrated multidimensional way affects health and the psyche are clinically documented and proven through experiences, understanding, and knowledge.

Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D. dedicates her life to working with multidimensional awareness and in applying it in practical life with individuals, couples, groups, and parents. Drawing on her extensive expertise she integrates psychological, astrological, and esoteric knowledge with consciousness throughout the life span. She coaches families and businesses to facilitate successful healthy living. Eleanor assumes responsibility for the social scientific studies already published that document the validity and reliability of components of Human Design and Multidimensional Human Design Layers. Because at this point it is necessary to document all the work in Multidimensional Human Design with scientifically valid studies and research, ULS works with many groups to educate them about possibilities open to them.

Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D. designs and develops programs that utilize Multidimensional Human Design applications and explores areas involved in the presentation, teaching, and development of Multidimensional and interdisciplinary knowledge. Early in this work, Eleanor recognized the importance of shifts in consciousness during Sleep. In documenting the importance of the shifting body energy map during Sleeping Life, she took responsibility for developing and documenting the validity of the Sleep Design Matrix calling it, at that point, the Triple Design Matrix. The Triple Design Matrix included the Waking Design, the Solar Sleep Design, and the Lunar Sleep Design. The use of the Triple Design Matrix showed that layers of consciousness, especially the Lunar Sleep Designs, function as a synthetic field programming the archetypal collective consciousness during the various stages of sleep.

Exploration of this cutting edge knowledge added dimensionality to understanding the circadian cycle and mechanics of information transmission during sleep. Recent work in the field of body rhythms and their importance in health confirm much of Unified Life Sciences multidimensional work.

As a result of Eleanor's multidimensional work and her relationship with her cats, she recognized additional information and calculations missing from the Human Design paradigm. With the help of Erik Memmert, Eleanor identified several missing calculations and worked with them to validate them clinically. The Multidimensional Layers of Human Design was born through this work and subsequently bore fruit clinically as well as scientifically in explaining and mapping mechanics of the functional psyche.

Multidimensional Human Design shows how humans function in different states of consciousness. This work, on the cutting edge of science, has already gained confirmation through Photon Emission Topography (P.E.T.) scans of the brain. You shift consciousness during stages of sleep and meditation Consciousness. In addition to Multidimensional Human Design Layers, Unified Life Sciences works with the Mammalian Design System and its knowledge. The application of this knowledge explains the mechanics of humans and their relationship with other species. Much of this material is still being documented and, thus, has yet to be released.

In June 2003, Eleanor released the Emotional Angelic/Mystical/Inspirational Human Body Energy Map that relates to the Design of Birds. Eleanor recognized the importance of this circuitry in 2002 through her clinical work with a highly spiritual client base. She worked with the material, analyzing it meticulously as she began to layer this mandala into the equation and released the first copy of this information to her students privately on 25 May 2003. The response clinically and intuitively confirms its validity and reliability. With the introduction of this material, it became apparent that the Multidimensional Human Design Layers explain a great deal about the origin of mythology, symbols, and folklore. It links all humanity as one-organism tying humans to other forms through their structural mechanics and matrix.

With her own background rooted in independent study at the University of Chicago, Eleanor is a strong believer in the importance of personal contact and a personal knowledge and trust with each of her students. Every studen's needs are unique and is so treated.

No program within Unified Life Sciences is formulaic. At this time, Eleanor retains Multidimensional proprietary information for her sole use and dissemination. No authorized practitioners have been trained in the application of the Multidimensional Human Design System. Because Multidimensional work is extensive and very uniquely personal, Eleanor works with other practitioners as a consultant helping them utilize the knowledge so they can build on their current professional expertise without great expense or training. By helping them know how to apply the knowledge and read their clients charts/maps, they benefit as students of the system cost effectively across the board.

Please Contact Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D. for more information about training related to her work.

Charles Haspel oversees all Unified Life Sciences, Noble Sciences, Conscious Life Choices and Portner Medical web pages. In addition, he integrates computer applications and statistical analysis for these professional sites. Charles also produces and catalogues all oral information related to these sites. His app, BetterLists is available on the iPhone.

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