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The Sleep Design Mandala
The 15 Gate Matrices: The World of Archetypes, (Collective Unconscious)

In our initial work, we learned that during sleep, humans operate in a Mammalian 15 Gate instead of in a 64 Gate Matrix. The calculations for the Mammalian Design is 88 Lunar instead of 88 Solar degrees before birth. By observing the data and studying the shifts in Type across the 64 Gate Solar and 15 Gate Solar and Lunar Matrix, Eleanor noted that the significant statistical differences in how Type changes had a great deal of relevance in the functional psyche. Sleep architecture documents the carry over neurologically of brain communication between sleep layers and waking layers of consciousness. Thus, by looking at a person's Multi Layered designs a great deal of how they process information in the collective archetypal world of symbols and how that information enters consciousness is known. The 15 Gate Matrix functions in all auric bodies as does the 64 Gate Matrix and it influences the biology and the psychology of the functioning person.

  Sleep Design Mandala Illustration  

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