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Practitioner Listing

There are a growing number of Unified Life Sciences Practitioners. These practitioners come from many professional fields. They recognize the Multidimensional Layers of the functioning consciousness and its effect on our waking life. They are all dedicated to empowering their clients with knowledge to expand and enhance their life. For a referral to a ULS Practitioner or for a reading with Eleanor: Call: 310-230-7787 or email: ehp@unifiedlifesciences.com.

Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD
Eleanor developed the Multidimensional Design approach after she worked with documenting Design scientifically. She found that through the Multilayered approach she had a reliable Map of the Functional Consciousness and of the Psyche of an individual. She works with all Layers in a Basic Reading to give an individual a grasp of their life purpose and the strategies for attaining their highest potential. Her professional training as a clinical psychologist and spiritual guide qualifies her uniquely in the field.
Birth Data: Dec. 11, 1944 @ 11:10 am, Brooklyn, NY

Email: ehp@unifiedlifesciences.com
Telephone: (310) 230-7787
Readings are available in person, on the telephone, or on video conference.

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Phone: (310) 230-7787


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Revised: Tuesday, February 1, 2005